Number Link Date of registration Date of issue Inventor Owner Title
US_02393508_A1 US_02393508_A1 30/10/1943 22/01/1946 ANDERSON EDWARD R    Semiautomatic safety lighter 
US_02393451_A1 US_02393451_A1 07/06/1943 22/01/1946 LEO ASTROFF    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02394349_A1 US_02394349_A1   05/02/1946 PETER WILSON   Gas Torch
US_02395783_A1 US_02395783_A1 11/06/1942 26/02/1946 JOHN HOLTZMAN  IRVING F GOODFRIEND  Lighter 
US_02396114_A1 US_02396114_A1 19/05/1944 05/03/1946 NEUERBURG JOHN F    Lighter flint 
US_02399292_A1 US_02399292_A1 04/02/1944 30/04/1946 POLKOSNIK BERNARD L    Cigarette or cigar lighter 
US_02403589_A1 US_02403589_A1 14/04/1945 09/07/1946 DRITZ LAWRENCE L    Pocket lighter 
US_02404435_A1 US_02404435_A1 28/11/1945 23/07/1946 BENJAMIN COOPER HOHMANN ALBERT F  COOPER  Cigarette lighter 
US_02405152_A1 US_02405152_A1 18/05/1944 06/08/1946 WALTER KILCHENMANN  SULZER AG  Packing for cylindrical parts 
US_02406071_A1 US_02406071_A1 09/07/1945 20/08/1946 JACK GALTER    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02413473_A1 US_02413473_A1 14/03/1946 31/12/1946 SUNDBY HAROLD C  THORSTEN Y OLSEN  Lighter 
US_02415921_A1 US_02415921_A1 10/02/1944 18/02/1947 WAGNER CARY R  PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO  Separation of butenes, nu-butane, c-3 and lighter hydrocarbons by ... 
US_02417630_A1 US_02417630_A1 17/11/1944 18/03/1947 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Lighter construction 
US_02418295_A1 US_02418295_A1 17/03/1944 01/04/1947 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter or the like 
US_02418631_A1 US_02418631_A1 08/11/1943 08/04/1947 GEIGER DAVID F  GLENN C TRUE  Underwater torch lighter 
US_02419458_A1 US_02419458_A1 03/04/1944 22/04/1947 RICHARD MAYER  UNIVERSAL MATCH CORP  Combination cigarette container and lighter 
US_02419409_A1 US_02419409_A1 24/01/1945 22/04/1947 LONG RALPH M  H P TALLEY TILLIE BATES  Dispensing cigarette case and lighter 
US_02419402_A1 US_02419402_A1 20/08/1942 22/04/1947 HOMRIGHOUS JOHN H    Cigarette lighter 
US_02419889_A1 US_02419889_A1 18/07/1945 29/04/1947 IRVING FLORMAN    Lighter 
US_02419972_A1 US_02419972_A1 18/02/1946 06/05/1947 PHILIP SCHMITT GEORGE    Catalytic lighter 
US_02419950_A1 US_02419950_A1 22/11/1943 06/05/1947 JOHNSON ARTHUR A  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Holder for cigar lighters 
US_02423155_A1 US_02423155_A1 11/11/1943 01/07/1947 PHILLIPS PHILIP H    Pressure restricting device 
US_02423567_A1 US_02423567_A1 22/02/1945 08/07/1947 SHERMAN JACOB S    Lighter 
US_02423481_A1 US_02423481_A1 17/11/1944 08/07/1947 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Lighter construction 
US_02424781_A1 US_02424781_A1 12/08/1943 29/07/1947 ALEXANDER VANETZIAN    Lighter using vaporisable fluids 
US_02426853_A1 US_02426853_A1 18/04/1944 02/09/1947 ARONSON ALEXANDER H  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Lighter 
US_02427058_A1 US_02427058_A1 28/12/1944 09/09/1947 ABNER KOLBERG MOUNT VERNON JULIUS KOHN  COLBY LIGHTER CORP  Lighter 
US_02429829_A1 US_02429829_A1   28/10/1947 EMIL W. LERCH   FIRE LIGHTER 
US_02430323_A1 US_02430323_A1 25/01/1946 04/11/1947 RENE AYOTTE JOSEPH    Pocket pyrophoric lighter 
US_02430216_A1 US_02430216_A1 09/03/1944 04/11/1947 DRESS FRED G    Stormproof lighter 
US_02430103_A1 US_02430103_A1 22/12/1944 04/11/1947 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Lighter construction 
US_02430102_A1 US_02430102_A1 22/12/1944 04/11/1947 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Lighter construction 
US_02430670_A1 US_02430670_A1 23/05/1945 11/11/1947 ISADORE DORFMAN    Lighter 
US_02431168_A1 US_02431168_A1 12/12/1945 18/11/1947 JOSEPH COWELL    Flint lighter for gas stoves 
US_02432452_A1 US_02432452_A1 25/04/1938 09/12/1947 JOHN SINKO    Automatic cigar lighter 
US_02432265_A1 US_02432265_A1 17/05/1946 09/12/1947 WARD JR ASHLEY F    Lighter 
US_02433041_A1 US_02433041_A1 02/08/1945 23/12/1947 OCHOA GONZALEZ AMALIA    Side action automatic lighter 
US_02433707_A1 US_02433707_A1 21/11/1944 30/12/1947 LESLIE PHILLIPS FRANCIS  BEATTIE PRODUCTS INC  Jet lighter 
US_02433467_A1 US_02433467_A1 07/05/1945 30/12/1947 BENNO LOWENTHAL    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02434515_A1 US_02434515_A1 18/07/1944 13/01/1948 EDGAR PERKINS ALWIN  JOHN LEMON BURTON  Pocket lighter 
US_02434825_A1 US_02434825_A1 26/06/1941 20/01/1948 WILLIAMS JAMES T RIESE KARL F  WILLIAMS  Incense vaporizer adapted for use as a cigar lighter 
US_02435896_A1 US_02435896_A1 11/07/1944 10/02/1948 MCIIVAINE ORAN T    Light responsive burner control system 
US_02437153_A1 US_02437153_A1 13/05/1943 02/03/1948 COHAN ALVIN M  ATLAS POWDER CO  Electric fuse lighter 
US_02437623_A1 US_02437623_A1 08/10/1945 09/03/1948 SUNDBY HAROLD C  THORSTEN Y OLSEN  Lighter 
US_02437354_A1 US_02437354_A1 10/06/1944 09/03/1948 HUSSEIN GOSTKOWSKI BEDRI  UNIVERSAL LIGHTERS SELLING COM  Pocket lighter 
US_02438378_A1 US_02438378_A1 30/12/1944 23/03/1948 ERIC WEDEMEYER  HAMILTON ART METAL CORP  Snuffer cap assembly 
US_02438727_A1 US_02438727_A1 21/05/1945 30/03/1948 BERNARD TROUBH    Automatic lighter 
US_02438632_A1 US_02438632_A1 19/07/1945 30/03/1948 BUSHMAN FREDERICK P    Automatic lighter 
US_02442186_A1 US_02442186_A1 21/04/1945 25/05/1948 ANDREW SZERENYI    Lighter 
US_02442508_A1 US_02442508_A1 28/06/1945 01/06/1948 EILIS NEFT ISADORE    Pocket cigarette lighter 
US_02443123_A1 US_02443123_A1 12/01/1945 08/06/1948 SOLON PHILIP O    Cutting wheel for flint igniters 
US_02444142_A1 US_02444142_A1 09/08/1945 29/06/1948 MUELLER ERVIN H    Lighter for gas burners 
US_02444663_A1 US_02444663_A1 14/02/1947 06/07/1948 MILLER JR WILLIAM J    Pipe and cigarette lighter 
US_02444956_A1 US_02444956_A1 12/05/1944 13/07/1948 PHILIP SCHMITT GEORGE  CARDINAL PRODUCTS INC  Lighter 
US_02445513_A1 US_02445513_A1 18/10/1944 20/07/1948 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Lighter construction 
US_02445890_A1 US_02445890_A1 23/03/1944 27/07/1948 PHILIP SCHMITT GEORGE  CARDINAL PRODUCTS INC  Lighter 
US_02448622_A1 US_02448622_A1   07/09/1948     LIGHTING TORCH 
US_02449414_A1 US_02449414_A1 28/08/1945 14/09/1948 ROGERS JAMES F    Lighter 
US_02449314_A1 US_02449314_A1 15/05/1946 14/09/1948 NISSEN WARREN I    Cigar lighter 
US_02451188_A1 US_02451188_A1 28/11/1945 12/10/1948 HERMANN KONRAD    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02451515_A1 US_02451515_A1 23/05/1944 19/10/1948 JUSTIN SIMON TEMKO RICHARD S  CONSTANCE A SIMON  Cigarette lighter 
US_02453713_A1 US_02453713_A1 21/02/1946 16/11/1948 KOHUT JOSEPH P    Novelty lighter 
US_02454501_A1 US_02454501_A1 16/05/1946 23/11/1948 JAMES CAMM FREDERICK    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02454998_A1 US_02454998_A1 14/02/1944 30/11/1948 DOSKER CORNELIUS D  GAMBLE BROTHERS  Lighter shell and method of making same 
US_02454872_A1 US_02454872_A1 05/12/1944 30/11/1948 ALEXANDER HARRIS  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Fuel indicating lighter 
US_02455698_A1 US_02455698_A1 05/12/1947 07/12/1948 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter construction 
US_02455583_A1 US_02455583_A1 27/06/1946 07/12/1948 TRUMAN IRESON PAUL    Combined smoking pipe and lighter 
US_02457053_A1 US_02457053_A1 11/09/1945 21/12/1948 LEWIS JR FREDERICK DANIEL    Cigarette lighter 
US_02456694_A1 US_02456694_A1 23/07/1947 21/12/1948 AARON GEIGER    Cigar or cigarette lighter 
US_02459085_A1 US_02459085_A1 10/01/1946 11/01/1949 FREDERICK MEYER  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02459042_A1 US_02459042_A1 11/08/1947 11/01/1949 NAVE DAVID T SULLIVAN RAYMOND L    Capillarity control means 
US_02458832_A1 US_02458832_A1 14/09/1945 11/01/1949 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Pocket lighter 
US_02459656_A1 US_02459656_A1 19/08/1946 18/01/1949 JACK KIRSCHNER DONALD    Pocket automatic electric lighter 
US_02459650_A1 US_02459650_A1 17/01/1936 18/01/1949 JOHNSON ARTHUR A  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02459238_A1 US_02459238_A1 28/08/1946 18/01/1949 HARRY NEGBAUR  NEGBAUR & CO H  Table lighter 
US_02460180_A1 US_02460180_A1 08/10/1945 25/01/1949 HARRY KNOX    Fuel reservoir for cigarette lighters 
US_02460427_A1 US_02460427_A1 26/01/1946 01/02/1949 MUSSELMAN HENRY E BUCK WILLIAM H    Combined cigarette case and lighter 
US_02461330_A1 US_02461330_A1 09/02/1946 08/02/1949 LANDWEHR RICHARD F  AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORP  Lighter 
US_02461329_A1 US_02461329_A1 19/12/1945 08/02/1949 LANDWEHR RICHARD F  AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORP  Lighter 
US_02461890_A1 US_02461890_A1 07/11/1945 15/02/1949 FOX CECIL M  EMANUEL BERG  Cigarette lighter 
US_02462467_A1 US_02462467_A1 18/12/1945 22/02/1949 CLAMP CHARLES C    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02462231_A1 US_02462231_A1 01/01/1944 22/02/1949 FRED STEIN    Cigarette dispensing container and lighter 
US_02462143_A1 US_02462143_A1 03/10/1945 22/02/1949 SUDBRINK HAROLD J    Lighter 
US_02463424_A1 US_02463424_A1 01/04/1946 01/03/1949 REILLY ALFRED F    Lighter 
US_02463981_A1 US_02463981_A1 16/10/1945 08/03/1949 LEE ELMER J    Flint plug magazine 
US_02465004_A1 US_02465004_A1 01/08/1947 22/03/1949 LEON BOLLE    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02465721_A1 US_02465721_A1 04/10/1945 29/03/1949 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter or the like 
US_02466421_A1 US_02466421_A1 04/09/1945 05/04/1949 HALL CHARLES S    Means for varying the buoyancy of lighter-than-air craft 
US_02467886_A1 US_02467886_A1 24/12/1947 19/04/1949 GAETANO RALPH R  AMERICAN WINDSHIELD & SPECIALT  Self-extinguishing fire lighter 
US_02467473_A1 US_02467473_A1 18/02/1947 19/04/1949 GRAY ROBERT E    Cigarette lighter 
US_02468146_A1 US_02468146_A1 28/11/1944 26/04/1949 VISSING ROYAL A    Cigarette lighter 
US_02469248_A1 US_02469248_A1 26/01/1946 03/05/1949 KURT STOYE  LEO C KRAZINSKI  Cigarette and pipe lighter 
US_02468810_A1 US_02468810_A1 23/01/1947 03/05/1949 BUREHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02469768_A1 US_02469768_A1 24/04/1946 10/05/1949 FREDERICH HEYDLE    Lighter 
US_02469507_A1 US_02469507_A1 08/01/1946 10/05/1949 KOLTER SR LOUIS W KOLTER WILLIAM G    Cigarette lighter 
US_02469442_A1 US_02469442_A1 23/05/1946 10/05/1949 SAMUEL REIN SEYMOUR TESLER    Cigarette lighter 
US_02470734_A1 US_02470734_A1 23/05/1947 17/05/1949 RAYMOND WOLANSKE  HYGRADE IND INC  Pocket lighter for cigars and cigarettes 
US_02470710_A1 US_02470710_A1 27/07/1946 17/05/1949 MASON HOMER A    Cigarette lighter 
US_02470358_A1 US_02470358_A1 18/07/1947 17/05/1949 MCKOWN GLEN D    Fusee lighter 
US_02471206_A1 US_02471206_A1 01/03/1946 24/05/1949 IRVING FLORMAN    Flint holder 
US_02472773_A1 US_02472773_A1 19/02/1946 07/06/1949 HOARD LEE  T S MCFARLAND  Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02472282_A1 US_02472282_A1 04/05/1945 07/06/1949 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Pyrophoric lighter construction 
US_02472835_A1 US_02472835_A1 26/12/1944 14/06/1949 HUTCHINSON ALTON E THOMAS GERALD G  DOWI PRODUCTS INC  Dispensing cigarette lighter 
US_02472825_A1 US_02472825_A1 29/05/1947 14/06/1949 HEAD JAMES F    Pipe lighter 
US_02472822_A1 US_02472822_A1 14/02/1946 14/06/1949 GREENE HOWARD B    Lighter 
US_02473636_A1 US_02473636_A1 21/06/1946 21/06/1949 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Pyrophoric element feeding mechanism for lighters 
US_02474639_A1 US_02474639_A1 01/08/1947 28/06/1949 ISIDORE SHPRENTZ    Flint dispenser 
US_02475534_A1 US_02475534_A1 17/02/1949 05/07/1949 WALES NATHANIEL B  IND PATENT CORP  Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02475453_A1 US_02475453_A1 18/04/1946 05/07/1949 HARRY LAKEY  MCMURDO INSTR COMPANY LTD  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02474973_A1 US_02474973_A1 10/04/1947 05/07/1949 DORIS FARMER  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Smoker's lighter 
US_02476149_A1 US_02476149_A1 25/09/1946 12/07/1949 HERMAN HORNING    Flint holder for cigarette lighters 
US_02476148_A1 US_02476148_A1 01/07/1946 12/07/1949 HERMAN HORNING    Cigarette lighter 
US_02476087_A1 US_02476087_A1 21/12/1945 12/07/1949 FELLER CHARLES L    Pocket lighter 
US_02475733_A1 US_02475733_A1 05/06/1947 12/07/1949 LESLIE YOUNGHUSBAND JAMES    Cigarette lighter 
US_02475659_A1 US_02475659_A1 09/08/1945 12/07/1949 CORYELL FRANCES C  ROBERT L CORYELL  Cigarette lighter 
US_02477522_A1 US_02477522_A1 02/08/1946 26/07/1949 MASON FRANK D  ANSBRO AND MASON INC  Pocket lighter 
US_02477398_A1 US_02477398_A1 18/04/1945 26/07/1949 AARON SHATKIN    Lighter 
US_02477385_A1 US_02477385_A1 20/01/1947 26/07/1949 HENRY MAYFIELD    Lighter 
US_02477917_A1 US_02477917_A1 17/09/1945 02/08/1949 WILSON EDWARD D    Gas torch 
US_02478584_A1 US_02478584_A1 12/03/1946 09/08/1949 JULIUS KOHN  COLBY LIGHTER CORP  Lighter 
US_02479244_A1 US_02479244_A1 26/01/1948 16/08/1949 LOGAN LEONARD M  JOHN DAVID COLVERT  Cigarette lighter 
US_02479917_A1 US_02479917_A1 06/11/1945 23/08/1949 ROBERT FEURER  FEURER BROS INC  Cigarette lighter 
US_02479827_A1 US_02479827_A1 05/07/1946 23/08/1949 GANS ROBERT S  LAPEER MFG COMPANY  Cigarette lighter 
US_02479608_A1 US_02479608_A1 29/12/1948 23/08/1949 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02480709_A1 US_02480709_A1   30/08/1949     LIGHTER 
US_02480414_A1 US_02480414_A1 15/04/1946 30/08/1949 MARIANI FRANK N    Cigarette and cigar lighter 
US_02480317_A1 US_02480317_A1 05/03/1947 30/08/1949 BOWERS FREDRICK H    Pocket pyrophoric lighter 
US_02480139_A1 US_02480139_A1 24/02/1945 30/08/1949 KEENE WALTER E    Lighter 
US_02481195_A1 US_02481195_A1 09/01/1946 06/09/1949 BURCHETT RAY L FREDERICK MEYER  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02481982_A1 US_02481982_A1 18/03/1947 13/09/1949 DEADWYLER ROBERT E    Cigarette lighter 
US_02482416_A1 US_02482416_A1 25/02/1947 20/09/1949 HOLLAND ELIJAH A    Cigarette and pipe lighter 
US_02482807_A1 US_02482807_A1 02/11/1945 27/09/1949 STROTHER LOY M    Cigarette lighter 
US_02482794_A1 US_02482794_A1 12/09/1944 27/09/1949 PETERSON ROBERT E  REPETER PRODUCTS INC  Portable lighter and the like 
US_02483666_A1 US_02483666_A1 25/03/1948 04/10/1949 PRICE CHARLES P    Igniter for gas heaters 
US_02483437_A1 US_02483437_A1   04/10/1949     LIGHTING TORCH 
US_02484579_A1 US_02484579_A1 23/01/1947 11/10/1949 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02484287_A1 US_02484287_A1 13/01/1947 11/10/1949 WILLIAM HALKO    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02485041_A1 US_02485041_A1 27/07/1946 18/10/1949 GERARD DESOUCHES  CARTIER INC  Lighter 
US_02486366_A1 US_02486366_A1 14/02/1948 25/10/1949 JOSEPH YOUHOUSE  CASCO PRODUCTS CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02485956_A1 US_02485956_A1 02/10/1946 25/10/1949 ADOLPH CAMPOS  CHESTER MUELLER  Pocket lighter 
US_02485734_A1 US_02485734_A1 09/09/1947 25/10/1949 HUTTER FRANK E ALOIS QUIRIN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02487235_A1 US_02487235_A1 20/09/1946 08/11/1949 GOSS CLARENCE C    Christmas stand and lighter 
US_02489620_A1 US_02489620_A1 09/02/1946 29/11/1949 CARTWRIGHT LEONARD C  FOSTER D SNELL INC  Lighter 
US_02490300_A1 US_02490300_A1 22/08/1947 06/12/1949 HETTINGER FRANCIS K WARDWELL JONES    Lighter 
US_02490121_A1 US_02490121_A1 30/07/1947 06/12/1949 MATHIAS FANKL  KARL BERNHARDT  Pocket lighter 
US_02490083_A1 US_02490083_A1 10/01/1947 06/12/1949 MONTAGUE HOMER R    Jet lighter 
US_02490082_A1 US_02490082_A1 16/06/1945 06/12/1949 MONTAGUE HOMER R    Lighter for pipes and cigarettes 
US_02492061_A1 US_02492061_A1 15/05/1948 20/12/1949 HARRISON ORMESHER ARTHUR    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02492060_A1 US_02492060_A1 15/05/1948 20/12/1949 HARRISON ORMESHER ARTHUR    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02491861_A1 US_02491861_A1 18/08/1945 20/12/1949 FREDERICK KAUPMANN  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter 
US_02491550_A1 US_02491550_A1 07/06/1946 20/12/1949 ADOLPH CAMPOS    Pocket lighter 
US_02492471_A1 US_02492471_A1 08/11/1948 27/12/1949 DORIS FARMER  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Pocket lighter with removable mechanical unit 
US_02492305_A1 US_02492305_A1 16/03/1946 27/12/1949 NICOLL MACDONALD GEORGE    Cigarette lighter 
US_02492277_A1 US_02492277_A1 15/09/1947 27/12/1949 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02493662_A1 US_02493662_A1 01/05/1947 03/01/1950 FITZPATRICK RICHARD T    Cigarette lighter 
US_02493450_A1 US_02493450_A1 03/08/1949 03/01/1950 AIME FORTIN CHARLES  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Demountable head assembly for pocket lighters 
US_02493081_A1 US_02493081_A1 17/09/1948 03/01/1950 HARRY NEGBAUR  HARRY NEGBAUR DOROTHY B NEGBAUR  Table lighter 
US_02494322_A1 US_02494322_A1 25/10/1948 10/01/1950 WARD FRANK A    Lighter shield 
US_02494211_A1 US_02494211_A1 09/10/1946 10/01/1950 HUMPHREY SMYTH HERBERT CHARLES    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02494886_A1 US_02494886_A1 26/02/1947 17/01/1950 MAX LEIF    Combination cigarette lighter and flashlight 
US_02495345_A1 US_02495345_A1 01/05/1948 24/01/1950 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND    Pocket gas lighter 
US_02495897_A1 US_02495897_A1 25/07/1947 31/01/1950 JULE KEMP    Combined lighter and heated inhalator 
US_02496257_A1 US_02496257_A1 11/08/1948 07/02/1950 SELIK BACHRACH    Torch igniter 
US_02497582_A1 US_02497582_A1 09/12/1947 14/02/1950 BUCHHART PROSPER W    Semiautomatic table lighter 
US_02497233_A1 US_02497233_A1 06/12/1946 14/02/1950 MUELLER ERVIN H    Lighter structure for gas burners 
US_02497137_A1 US_02497137_A1 01/02/1947 14/02/1950 HENRI RODANET CHARLES HILAIRE  JAEGER ETS ED  Lighter 
US_02498537_A1 US_02498537_A1 18/11/1948 21/02/1950 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02498536_A1 US_02498536_A1 29/12/1947 21/02/1950 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02498507_A1 US_02498507_A1 07/09/1946 21/02/1950 ROSENBLATT DAVID B    Cigarette lighter 
US_02498377_A1 US_02498377_A1 07/06/1947 21/02/1950 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Lighter actuating mechanism 
US_02498316_A1 US_02498316_A1 18/07/1946 21/02/1950 HENRI TISSOT-DUPONT ANDRE LOUI    Cigarette lighter 
US_02498178_A1 US_02498178_A1 16/02/1946 21/02/1950 NICHOLS GEORGE J    Lighter 
US_02498142_A1 US_02498142_A1 25/02/1946 21/02/1950 STOKES WILLIAM S    Pocket lighter construction 
US_02498116_A1 US_02498116_A1 20/06/1947 21/02/1950 JOHN SINKO    Cigar lighter 
US_02497937_A1 US_02497937_A1 17/05/1949 21/02/1950 IRVING FLORMAN    Catalytic lighter 
US_02499752_A1 US_02499752_A1 23/06/1948 07/03/1950 EDUARD HRABAL  RAFAEL DOMINGUEZ  Cigarette lighter 
US_02499547_A1 US_02499547_A1 11/12/1946 07/03/1950 WAGGONER ORVAL C    Igniting mechanism 
US_02500584_A1 US_02500584_A1 22/04/1949 14/03/1950 ST PIERRE ALBERT G BRETON TREFFLE W    Electric candle lighter 
US_02502135_A1 US_02502135_A1 14/03/1946 28/03/1950 ESKUCHEN FRANK G  DANIEL SZANTAY  Electric lighter 
US_02502073_A1 US_02502073_A1   28/03/1950     GAS TORCH LIGHTER 
US_02501918_A1 US_02501918_A1 27/07/1948 28/03/1950 STANLEY RODAK    Flint holding and feeding mechanism for lighters 
US_02501841_A1 US_02501841_A1 26/06/1947 28/03/1950 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Flint positioning mechanism 
US_02503103_A1 US_02503103_A1 18/02/1946 04/04/1950 ESKUCHEN FRANK G  DANIEL SZANTAY  Electric lighter 
US_02502864_A1 US_02502864_A1 01/10/1947 04/04/1950 JULIUS LOWENTHAL WILFRED MOORE CECIL  COLIBRI LIGHTERS  Friction lighter 
US_02502533_A1 US_02502533_A1 26/06/1947 04/04/1950 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND    Ignition device for lighters and like apparatus 
US_02503640_A1 US_02503640_A1 23/12/1946 11/04/1950 SPECK JEROME C    Mechanical lighter 
US_02503472_A1 US_02503472_A1   11/04/1950     PYROPHORIC IGNITION 
US_02504584_A1 US_02504584_A1 02/04/1947 18/04/1950 RAMOS PEDRO S    Composite wick 
US_02505512_A1 US_02505512_A1   25/04/1950     CIGARETTE LIGHTER 
US_02505328_A1 US_02505328_A1 26/02/1947 25/04/1950 JACKSON ALFRED F  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02505327_A1 US_02505327_A1 26/02/1947 25/04/1950 JACKSON ALFRED F  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02505326_A1 US_02505326_A1 30/09/1944 25/04/1950 JACKSON ALFRED F  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02505167_A1 US_02505167_A1 06/12/1947 25/04/1950 ARONSON ALEXANDER H  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Lighter casing construction 
US_02505047_A1 US_02505047_A1 27/09/1949 25/04/1950 HERMAN HORNING    Windshield for cigarette lighters 
US_02506181_A1 US_02506181_A1 22/03/1946 02/05/1950 THIBAULT JOSEPH O  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Illuminated cigar lighter 
US_02507456_A1 US_02507456_A1   09/05/1950     STOVE LIGHTING DEVICE 
US_02507203_A1 US_02507203_A1 23/11/1948 09/05/1950 FINCH JR JAMES M    Pyrophoric lighter and flint supply therefor 
US_02507202_A1 US_02507202_A1 23/11/1948 09/05/1950 FINCH JR JAMES M    Pyrophoric lighter and fuel supply therefor 
US_02506774_A1 US_02506774_A1 15/11/1946 09/05/1950 SHOEL BURSHSTEIN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02507839_A1 US_02507839_A1 15/10/1946 16/05/1950 PIETERSOM HAROLD M VAN OBST FREDERICK L    Lighter 
US_02508882_A1 US_02508882_A1 12/04/1949 23/05/1950 MANUEL CIBRIAN  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter casing construction 
US_02509941_A1 US_02509941_A1   30/05/1950     LIGHTER 
US_02509744_A1 US_02509744_A1 01/05/1948 30/05/1950 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND    Lighter or igniter 
US_02509251_A1 US_02509251_A1 20/08/1948 30/05/1950 ROGERS EUGENE D    Cigarette lighter 
US_02510899_A1 US_02510899_A1 19/02/1948 06/06/1950 MUELLER ERVIN H    Lighter structure for gas burners 
US_02510308_A1 US_02510308_A1 19/01/1949 06/06/1950 DANTE JOSEPH J    Electric cigar lighter 
US_02511492_A1 US_02511492_A1 03/07/1948 13/06/1950 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter 
US_02511459_A1 US_02511459_A1 14/09/1945 13/06/1950 ADOLPH CAMPOS  VOLUPTE INC  Pocket lighter 
US_02511434_A1 US_02511434_A1 11/10/1948 13/06/1950 GREENE JOSEPH S  EVANS CASE CO  Snuffer assembly for lighter wicks 
US_02511331_A1 US_02511331_A1 28/06/1948 13/06/1950 LA MATER ANDREW DE    Automobile cigarette lighter 
US_02511243_A1 US_02511243_A1 11/08/1944 13/06/1950 BRUBAKER JOHN T    Feeding mechanism for pencils, lighters, etc. 
US_02512104_A1 US_02512104_A1 01/08/1946 20/06/1950 KOETZ THEODORE E    Cigarette lighter 
US_02511997_A1 US_02511997_A1 27/04/1948 20/06/1950 THEODOR RUETZ    Mechanical lighter 
US_02513151_A1 US_02513151_A1 10/02/1949 27/06/1950 DE MESQUITA EDWIN B  AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORP  Cigarette lighter 
US_02513125_A1 US_02513125_A1 29/09/1948 27/06/1950 ROBERT WIESSNER    Rubbing-wheel type lighter 
US_02512767_A1 US_02512767_A1 14/02/1946 27/06/1950 CAMPBELL COLIN J  HAROLD T TUDOR  Automatic lighter 
US_02514173_A1 US_02514173_A1 03/09/1948 04/07/1950 ROBERT WIESSNER  ARTHUR DUBSKY  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02514171_A1 US_02514171_A1 01/10/1947 04/07/1950 WALTNER JR WILFRED R    Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02514066_A1 US_02514066_A1 02/04/1948 04/07/1950 INGERSOLL ROBERT G    Lighter 
US_02513717_A1 US_02513717_A1 14/02/1950 04/07/1950 GENDLER LEWIS A  GUNLITE INC  Pistol simulating cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02513656_A1 US_02513656_A1 29/01/1948 04/07/1950 LETTL JOSEPH F    Lighter with combustible pellets 
US_02513523_A1 US_02513523_A1 09/05/1947 04/07/1950 JEAN SCHAFER    Burner for lighting gas and other combustible gases 
US_02513500_A1 US_02513500_A1 07/01/1948 04/07/1950 LLOYD ROY D  ROBERT L GARDNER  Cigarette lighter 
US_02515092_A1 US_02515092_A1 30/09/1946 11/07/1950 MILLER PRICE B  MILLER LITER COMPANY  Lighter 
US_02514995_A1 US_02514995_A1   11/07/1950     LIGHTING DEVICE 
US_02514709_A1 US_02514709_A1 02/06/1947 11/07/1950 TRAUGOTT LAUBER EDUARD    Lighter 
US_02515733_A1 US_02515733_A1 09/02/1946 18/07/1950 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND    Lighter using a gaseous fuel 
US_02515504_A1 US_02515504_A1 12/02/1948 18/07/1950 ROBERT GANGNEREAU    Automatic cigarette lighter 
US_02517192_A1 US_02517192_A1 27/01/1950 01/08/1950 AIME FORTIN CHARLES  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Pocket lighter head assembly 
US_02517191_A1 US_02517191_A1 12/10/1948 01/08/1950 LESTER FLICKINGER BLAISDELL GEORGE G  ZIPPO MFG COMPANY  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02517166_A1 US_02517166_A1 09/11/1945 01/08/1950 EDWARD BECKJORD WILLIAM    Lighter 
US_02516843_A1 US_02516843_A1 12/05/1945 01/08/1950 AARON BAKST RUSKIN SIMON L    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02517662_A1 US_02517662_A1 28/10/1947 08/08/1950 FELTON HEAD JAMES    Pipe, cigar, and cigarette lighter 
US_02517644_A1 US_02517644_A1 12/06/1948 08/08/1950 RITA ERATICO ROSE    Pocket lighter 
US_02519641_A1 US_02519641_A1 16/02/1949 22/08/1950 IRVING ELORMAN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02520498_A1 US_02520498_A1 08/01/1948 29/08/1950 GIDDY EDWARD W    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02520328_A1 US_02520328_A1 11/01/1949 29/08/1950 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter locking mechanism 
US_02521630_A1 US_02521630_A1 02/09/1948 05/09/1950 IRVING FLORMAN    Toilet article 
US_02521181_A1 US_02521181_A1 21/07/1947 05/09/1950 MORSE CHARLES P    Cigarette lighter 
US_02521180_A1 US_02521180_A1 23/04/1947 05/09/1950 MORSE CHARLES P    Cigarette lighter 
US_02523511_A1 US_02523511_A1 27/02/1947 26/09/1950 FRANK MARTINDELL  ILLINOIS WATCH CASE CO  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02523510_A1 US_02523510_A1 01/11/1947 26/09/1950 MARTIN GLEN W    Lighter 
US_02523415_A1 US_02523415_A1 15/10/1947 26/09/1950 BOWERS FREDRICK H    Package 
US_02524521_A1 US_02524521_A1   03/10/1950     HAND LIGHTER FOR OIL STOVES 
US_02524462_A1 US_02524462_A1 26/11/1948 03/10/1950 MILLER FRANK E WHITNEY RALPH T    Pressure regulating mechanism 
US_02524239_A1 US_02524239_A1 15/04/1947 03/10/1950 TAYLOR CLARENCE E GWOOSH STEPHEN J    Cigarette lighter 
US_02524210_A1 US_02524210_A1 14/09/1945 03/10/1950 REEVES HERBERT M  FLORENCE STOVE COMPANY  Lighter tube support for gas cookstoves 
US_02524074_A1 US_02524074_A1 06/05/1947 03/10/1950 LLOYD PAINTER WILLIAM    Cigar lighter 
US_02525040_A1 US_02525040_A1 06/10/1949 10/10/1950 ROBERT LUTHI  ELBRIC S A  Electrical cigar or cigarette lighter 
US_02524795_A1 US_02524795_A1 10/05/1946 10/10/1950 HERMANDORFER ARTHUR W  BABCOCK & WILCOX CO  Furnace lighter tube construction 
US_02526151_A1 US_02526151_A1 02/06/1947 17/10/1950 MICHAEL O'KEEFFE    Spark producing mechanism 
US_02527359_A1 US_02527359_A1 26/11/1947 24/10/1950 PAUL GUTH  WEATHERHEAD CO  Dispensing and filling valve for volatile liquids with filling gauge 
US_02527302_A1 US_02527302_A1   24/10/1950     LIGHTING DEVICE 
US_02527100_A1 US_02527100_A1 04/11/1947 24/10/1950 LOHR MELVIN C    Emergency fire maker 
US_02527005_A1 US_02527005_A1 12/05/1947 24/10/1950 GLOVER FRANK N    Self-closing filling device for liquid fuel containers 
US_02526860_A1 US_02526860_A1 03/12/1948 24/10/1950 GARBER ROBERT F    Lighter 
US_02528406_A1 US_02528406_A1 22/06/1946 31/10/1950 JOHN WULFF    Method of making pyrophoric elements 
US_02527998_A1 US_02527998_A1 17/01/1947 31/10/1950 HARTZELL GEORGE P    Cigarette lighter 
US_02529326_A1 US_02529326_A1 28/06/1946 07/11/1950 ALBERT BORTHAYRE JEAN LEON    Automatic lighter with elongated flint 
US_02529278_A1 US_02529278_A1 28/06/1945 07/11/1950 BOWERS FREDRICK H    Combined tobacco-smoking pipe and pyrophoric lighter 
US_02529150_A1 US_02529150_A1 15/10/1946 07/11/1950 FRANCIS FUKAL ALFRED  FRANKLIN SALES & MANUFACTURERS  Combined cigarette case and lighter 
US_02529104_A1 US_02529104_A1 19/04/1948 07/11/1950 WILLIAM REGELMANN ELIZABETH REGELMANN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02529094_A1 US_02529094_A1 01/08/1949 07/11/1950 BLAND MILLER PRICE  MILLER LITER COMPANY  Cigarette lighter assembly 
US_02528619_A1 US_02528619_A1 11/12/1947 07/11/1950 BERNARD STEIN    Electric lighter and dispenser for cigarettes 
US_02528583_A1 US_02528583_A1 15/12/1947 07/11/1950 ELRA ELLIS    Cigarette lighter 
US_02528500_A1 US_02528500_A1 20/01/1948 07/11/1950 DAVIS LINCOLN K    Cigarette lighter 
US_02530328_A1 US_02530328_A1 18/03/1950 14/11/1950 AIME FORTIN CHARLES  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Pocket lighter 
US_02530291_A1 US_02530291_A1 17/09/1949 14/11/1950 CONWAY EDWARD S VITO AMENDOLARA  CONWAY SIDNEY B GOOD  Finger ring lighter 
US_02529857_A1 US_02529857_A1 19/02/1948 14/11/1950 ROBERT WIESSNER  ARTHUR DUBSKY  Flint tensioning means for lighters 
US_02529746_A1 US_02529746_A1 17/10/1947 14/11/1950 STERN NATHAN N    Torch construction for electric lighters 
US_02531056_A1 US_02531056_A1 01/03/1949 21/11/1950 HERMAN KOESTEN    Mechanical igniter 
US_02531901_A1 US_02531901_A1 25/07/1946 28/11/1950 ASHTON PHILIP E  CUNO ENGINEERING CORP  Electric cigar lighter 
US_02531632_A1 US_02531632_A1 27/10/1949 28/11/1950 LANDWEHR RICHARD F  AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORP  Cigarette lighter 
US_02531554_A1 US_02531554_A1 11/07/1949 28/11/1950 HENRY CHEN    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02532689_A1 US_02532689_A1 22/03/1948 05/12/1950 ZANARDO PETER J    Cigarette container, dispenser, and lighter 
US_02532650_A1 US_02532650_A1 12/06/1948 05/12/1950 EBERHARD TIGGES    Pocket lighter 
US_02534068_A1 US_02534068_A1 13/11/1947 12/12/1950 BELA SANDOR    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02535665_A1 US_02535665_A1 12/01/1949 26/12/1950 IRVING BOYARSKY MELNICK IRVING E    Battery operated cigarette lighter 
US_02535529_A1 US_02535529_A1 21/04/1948 26/12/1950 ERNEST CHEROUVRIER ROBERT    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02535452_A1 US_02535452_A1 26/06/1947 26/12/1950 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND    Lighter using gaseous fuel 
US_02536855_A1 US_02536855_A1 27/03/1946 02/01/1951 PEAREY JR ELMER E    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02537710_A1 US_02537710_A1 20/10/1948 09/01/1951 SCHROEDER FRANK J    Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02538627_A1 US_02538627_A1 09/03/1948 16/01/1951 PEARL PHILIP E  CLIFFORD J KRAEMER  Lighter accessory 
US_02538506_A1 US_02538506_A1 02/01/1948 16/01/1951 CASAVANT ROBERT S    Lighter 
US_02539653_A1 US_02539653_A1 17/07/1945 30/01/1951 SELIG BACK    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02540470_A1 US_02540470_A1 27/02/1948 06/02/1951 HENRY BAUGH CHARLES    Purse lighter 
US_02541750_A1 US_02541750_A1   13/02/1951     OIL BURNER LIGHTER 
US_02541111_A1 US_02541111_A1 02/08/1946 13/02/1951 JUSTIN SIMON TEMKO RICHARD S    Cigarette lighter 
US_02543235_A1 US_02543235_A1 24/01/1950 27/02/1951 DREYER EDWARD L WERNER PFLUG  ADAMAS CARBIDE CORP  Method of making spark wheels for cigar and cigarette lighters 
US_02544249_A1 US_02544249_A1 25/02/1948 06/03/1951 BAYSTON JOHN R    Pyrophoric cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02543798_A1 US_02543798_A1 01/03/1949 06/03/1951 PAIGE BYRON L    Pipe and cigarette lighter 
US_02546128_A1 US_02546128_A1 07/01/1948 20/03/1951 LLOYD ROY D  ROBERT L GARDNER  Snuffer structure for cigarette lighters 
US_02545936_A1 US_02545936_A1 10/11/1947 20/03/1951 ZANARDO PETER J    Cigarette dispenser and lighter 
US_02546615_A1 US_02546615_A1 26/09/1947 27/03/1951 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE COMPANY  Lighter 
US_02546475_A1 US_02546475_A1 14/10/1948 27/03/1951 RIZZO FRANK R RIZZO CHARLES C    Filler plug for pocket lighters 
US_02549727_A1 US_02549727_A1 18/03/1947 17/04/1951 TOLL JOHN VAN    Combination pipe and lighter 
US_02549726_A1 US_02549726_A1 09/07/1945 17/04/1951 TOLL JOHN VAN    Combination pipe and lighter 
US_02551107_A1 US_02551107_A1 25/07/1949 01/05/1951 ERATICO ROSE R    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02551688_A1 US_02551688_A1 01/11/1949 08/05/1951 METZLER CHARLES L BILLI BOWEN  STRATFORD PEN CORP  Lighter 
US_02553152_A1 US_02553152_A1 07/03/1946 15/05/1951 AARON SHATKIN    Lighter 
US_02553101_A1 US_02553101_A1   15/05/1951     PYROPHORIC BURNER LIGHTER 
US_02552718_A1 US_02552718_A1 08/09/1949 15/05/1951 LEONARD HUTCHINSON CHARLES BRISTOW FRED WILLIAM BINKS FREDERICK    Lighter 
US_02554366_A1 US_02554366_A1 21/02/1950 22/05/1951 JONES FRED A B    Cigarette lighter with revolving gas tank 
US_02553678_A1 US_02553678_A1 24/01/1949 22/05/1951 HERMAN RUBIN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02555294_A1 US_02555294_A1 27/01/1948 29/05/1951 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE CO  Lighter wick 
US_02554743_A1 US_02554743_A1 13/03/1950 29/05/1951 JONES BENJAMIN T  AEROMAR INC  Electrical cigar or cigarette lighter 
US_02554742_A1 US_02554742_A1 21/02/1950 29/05/1951 JONES BENJAMIN T  AEROMAR INC  Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02556853_A1 US_02556853_A1 10/08/1949 12/06/1951 JACOB SHANKS    Igniting device for cigarettes, cigars, and the like 
US_02556735_A1 US_02556735_A1 23/11/1948 12/06/1951 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Lighter actuating mechanism 
US_02557825_A1 US_02557825_A1 06/04/1949 19/06/1951 HOTZE CHARLES W    Lighter construction 
US_02557225_A1 US_02557225_A1 21/03/1949 19/06/1951 HUTCHINSON ALTON E  DOWI PRODUCTS INC  Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02558607_A1 US_02558607_A1 26/02/1947 26/06/1951 WALTER DALLENBACH    Pocket lighter 
US_02558441_A1 US_02558441_A1 14/03/1950 26/06/1951 JONES BENJAMIN T  AEROMAR INC  Electrical cigar or cigarette lighter 
US_02558061_A1 US_02558061_A1 20/05/1948 26/06/1951 PHILIP SCHMITT GEORGE  CARDINAL PRODUCTS INC  Catalyst unit for lighters 
US_02557927_A1 US_02557927_A1   26/06/1951     OVEN LIGHTING SYSTEM 
US_02559497_A1 US_02559497_A1 30/11/1949 03/07/1951 FORTIN CHARLES A  PAUL POULIOT  Lighter construction 
US_02559303_A1 US_02559303_A1 01/10/1947 03/07/1951 JULIUS LOWENTHAL WILFRED MOORE CECIL  COLIBRI LIGHTERS  Combined cigarette case and friction lighter 
US_02558726_A1 US_02558726_A1 09/04/1941 03/07/1951 BARKER MAURICE E    Incendiary article 
US_02561270_A1 US_02561270_A1 13/05/1950 17/07/1951 FELT PAUL W  BROWN & BIGELOW  Liquefied petroleum gas lighter 
US_02563538_A1 US_02563538_A1   07/08/1951     MATCH LIGHTER 
US_02565183_A1 US_02565183_A1 12/06/1946 21/08/1951 EARL MORGAN    Cigarette dispenser and lighter 
US_02565903_A1 US_02565903_A1 17/12/1948 28/08/1951 CONRAD ZELLWEGER  NATIONALE SA  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02567311_A1 US_02567311_A1 01/04/1949 11/09/1951 LEGARE ANSEL    Automatic cigarette lighter 
US_02568091_A1 US_02568091_A1 29/04/1950 18/09/1951 SINTETOS NICHOLAS D    Pocket lighter 
US_02569514_A1 US_02569514_A1 29/10/1946 02/10/1951 BURKLIN ADOLF J  SMITH CORP A O  Single axial port gas burner with two-stage mixing 
US_02571435_A1 US_02571435_A1 11/06/1949 16/10/1951 FLAMM ALEXANDER L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Gas fueled cigar lighter 
US_02572475_A1 US_02572475_A1 13/05/1949 23/10/1951 OSCAR HANSON  HAROLD H HANSON EDMOND C HANSON BERNICE E HANSON MARJORIE J DIETRICH DELORES W LEY E J HYCHE N B LUDOWESE  Safety cigarette lighter for motor vehicles 
US_02572863_A1 US_02572863_A1 28/04/1948 30/10/1951 JAAP WILLARD E    Combined cigarette lighter and ash receiver 
US_02574968_A1 US_02574968_A1   13/11/1951     OIL BURNER LIGHTER 
US_02576042_A1 US_02576042_A1 27/12/1948 20/11/1951 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE COMPANY  Cigarette lighter 
US_02576476_A1 US_02576476_A1 23/03/1949 27/11/1951 ALBERT PETER JOSEPH KAINEN  TEMPUS MFG COMPANY  Watch mounted article 
US_02576453_A1 US_02576453_A1 20/05/1950 27/11/1951 FORTIN CHARLES A  PAUL POULIOT  Lighter 
US_02577679_A1 US_02577679_A1 27/02/1950 04/12/1951 FRASER FRANK H  RICHARD C HAUGH  Combined lighter and watch 
US_02577122_A1 US_02577122_A1 16/05/1947 04/12/1951 ALEXANDER HARRIS ARONSON ALEXANDER H BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter 
US_02578998_A1 US_02578998_A1 20/05/1948 18/12/1951 MARCEL FRACHEBOUD    Fire lighter 
US_02581304_A1 US_02581304_A1 06/09/1949 01/01/1952 SIMS ROY H    Offset burner lighter and viewer device 
US_02580499_A1 US_02580499_A1 12/05/1950 01/01/1952 ADAMS JOHN M    Cigarette lighter 
US_02580463_A1 US_02580463_A1 10/11/1948 01/01/1952 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE CO  Filling for the fuel compartments of lighters 
US_02582028_A1 US_02582028_A1 16/03/1950 08/01/1952 GOLDMAN SYDNEY B KRUEGER RICHARD H  BLC INC  Lighter 
US_02582882_A1 US_02582882_A1 06/05/1948 15/01/1952 MOLLER WHARTON E    Automatic cigarette lighter 
US_02583692_A1 US_02583692_A1 06/07/1950 29/01/1952 IRVING FLORMAN    Gas controlled pocket lighter 
US_02583691_A1 US_02583691_A1 19/10/1949 29/01/1952 IRVING FLORMAN    Cigarette lighter 
US_02585286_A1 US_02585286_A1 02/05/1949 12/02/1952 TUBBS IRL I  MARGARET L TUBBS  Resilient valve in rigid wall portions of containers 
US_02585071_A1 US_02585071_A1 15/01/1948 12/02/1952 ALLEN LAWRENCE A    Cigarette lighter 
US_02586380_A1 US_02586380_A1 29/12/1947 19/02/1952 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND    Cigar lighter, igniter, and the like 
US_02586035_A1 US_02586035_A1 15/05/1950 19/02/1952 HART CECIL A    Pocket lighter with coiled spring follower unit 
US_02588231_A1 US_02588231_A1 03/12/1949 04/03/1952 GESSMANN EDMUND G  BATLIN & SON INC L  Lighter 
US_02587894_A1 US_02587894_A1 04/12/1950 04/03/1952 MARCEL QUERCIA    Yoke for pyrophoric lighters 
US_02589011_A1 US_02589011_A1 12/10/1949 11/03/1952 LIPIC SYLVESTER G BOYLE FARNHAM F LYON LUTHER S  RITEPOINT CO  Closure for table cigarette lighters 
US_02588479_A1 US_02588479_A1 26/02/1949 11/03/1952 BURCHETT RAY L NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Lighter locking mechanism 
US_02589906_A1 US_02589906_A1 07/06/1950 18/03/1952 WAGNER WILLARD F  CHARLES W GLENN  Lighter 
US_02591189_A1 US_02591189_A1 18/08/1949 01/04/1952 NORRIS NORDENSTAM    Lighter 
US_02593063_A1 US_02593063_A1 24/03/1950 15/04/1952 SIEBER MARTIN E    Wrist cigarette or cigar lighter 
US_02592951_A1 US_02592951_A1   15/04/1952     IGNITING DEVICE 
US_02592837_A1 US_02592837_A1 26/01/1950 15/04/1952 ERIC WEDEMEYER  HAMILTON ART METAL CORP  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02594755_A1 US_02594755_A1 28/01/1952 29/04/1952 FELT PAUL W  BROWN & BIGELOW  Liquefied petroleum gas lighter 
US_02594754_A1 US_02594754_A1 26/01/1952 29/04/1952 FELT PAUL W  BROWN & BIGELOW  Liquefied petroleum gas lighter 
US_02594700_A1 US_02594700_A1 07/10/1948 29/04/1952 WENDEL FRANS B    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02594631_A1 US_02594631_A1 29/03/1950 29/04/1952 FORTIN CHARLES A  PAUL PAULIOT  Lighter 
US_02595664_A1 US_02595664_A1   06/05/1952     LIGHTING DEVICE 
US_02595390_A1 US_02595390_A1   06/05/1952     STOVE LIGHTER 
US_02596944_A1 US_02596944_A1 17/03/1948 13/05/1952 ROLFE SHELLENBERGER POOLE ARTHUR J  BABCOCK & WILCOX CO  Furnace lighter with mechanically interlocked controls 
US_02596548_A1 US_02596548_A1 07/11/1950 13/05/1952 MAURICE GUIBORD PAUL EMILE  LEO H RIDDELL  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02599241_A1 US_02599241_A1 11/07/1950 03/06/1952 FARMER WALTER E    Lighter than air aircraft with heating means for the gas bags thereof 
US_02599939_A1 US_02599939_A1 18/08/1949 10/06/1952 RICHARDSON JULES V    Cigarette lighter 
US_02601455_A1 US_02601455_A1 18/02/1949 24/06/1952 PORTER BURL W    Match-holding lighter 
US_02601773_A1 US_02601773_A1 02/03/1949 01/07/1952 WAGN TRAUTNER    Cigarette lighter 
US_02603076_A1 US_02603076_A1 18/01/1951 15/07/1952 FRANCIS FUKAL ALFRED  WILLIAM A BRUCK  Cigarette lighter 
US_02603075_A1 US_02603075_A1 13/05/1950 15/07/1952 MAXIMILIAN LEVENE MEYER    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02603855_A1 US_02603855_A1 22/04/1950 22/07/1952 VASSAUX THOMAS F    Method of making lighter plungers 
US_02605380_A1 US_02605380_A1 10/05/1950 29/07/1952 BAUMAN HAROLD A XENIS CONSTANTINE P    Cigarette lighter 
US_02604982_A1 US_02604982_A1 05/08/1948 29/07/1952 PIERRE CIBIE    Combined cigarette case and lighter 
US_02604922_A1 US_02604922_A1   29/07/1952     LIGHTER FOR POT-TYPE OIL BURNERS 
US_02605634_A1 US_02605634_A1 24/07/1950 05/08/1952 HAROLD LEWIS    Fluid content indicator for cigarette lighters 
US_02605627_A1 US_02605627_A1 11/08/1949 05/08/1952 BUSACCO MORRIS J  JARCO METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY  Lighter 
US_02607883_A1 US_02607883_A1 14/11/1949 19/08/1952 SIDNEY BERKOWITZ    Flashlight for use in a combined flashlight, cigarette lighter, ... 
US_02608081_A1 US_02608081_A1 29/08/1950 26/08/1952 MORGAN THOMAS H MORGAN DWIGHT C  BUTALITE CORP  Lighter mechanism 
US_02608080_A1 US_02608080_A1 05/10/1949 26/08/1952 JUSTIN SIMON TEMKO RICHARD S    Cigarette lighter 
US_02608848_A1 US_02608848_A1 21/02/1950 02/09/1952 JONES FRED A B    Cigarette lighter 
US_02609692_A1 US_02609692_A1 15/07/1949 09/09/1952 AHLGREN ERICK L    Fluid content gauge for lighters 
US_02610766_A1 US_02610766_A1 28/01/1949 16/09/1952 OGLE LUTHER C    Cigarette lighter filler unit 
US_02611202_A1 US_02611202_A1 17/02/1950 23/09/1952 GEORGE LIPIC SYLVESTER    Pyrophoric lighter with display chamber 
US_02612588_A1 US_02612588_A1 07/02/1950 30/09/1952 SCHILLING WALTER F    Cigarette lighter 
US_02612218_A1 US_02612218_A1 07/02/1949 30/09/1952 MUELLER ERVIN H    Lighter structure for gas burners 
US_02612033_A1 US_02612033_A1 09/08/1949 30/09/1952 FLAMM ALEXANDER L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Gas fueled lighter mechanism 
US_02614408_A1 US_02614408_A1 03/11/1949 21/10/1952 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter windshield structure 
US_02616947_A1 US_02616947_A1 19/03/1947 04/11/1952 HAMILTON HOWARD-JONES LEONARD    Cigarette or the like lighter 
US_02616277_A1 US_02616277_A1 24/02/1950 04/11/1952 JEAN DELATTRE-SEGUY  MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02616161_A1 US_02616161_A1 27/01/1948 04/11/1952 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE CO  Method of sealing snuffers 
US_02617286_A1 US_02617286_A1 25/02/1950 11/11/1952 PRUSACK MICHAEL R    Lighter construction 
US_02617285_A1 US_02617285_A1 13/03/1948 11/11/1952 MAXIMILIAN LEVENE MEYER    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02618140_A1 US_02618140_A1 31/07/1951 18/11/1952 CONRAD ZELLWEGER  NATIONALE SA  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02618953_A1 US_02618953_A1 28/02/1950 25/11/1952 IRVING FLORMAN    Closure means for cigarette or cigar lighters 
US_02618952_A1 US_02618952_A1 03/09/1949 25/11/1952 PETERSON WILBUR P RICHARD RUPERT    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02620293_A1 US_02620293_A1 19/12/1949 02/12/1952 BLUE RICHARD W ENGLE CHARLES J  PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO  Conversion of oil residua to lighter hydrocarbons 
US_02619952_A1 US_02619952_A1 31/03/1949 02/12/1952 HARDY CLARENCE M BIDDLE RALPH E  BORG WARNER  Electric oven lighter 
US_02620643_A1 US_02620643_A1 30/12/1949 09/12/1952 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORK INC  Gas lighter 
US_02621502_A1 US_02621502_A1 16/12/1950 16/12/1952 WILLIAM MCGILL    Pocket cigarette lighter 
US_02622755_A1 US_02622755_A1 24/08/1950 23/12/1952 JOSEPH JACQUES REILLY WILLIAM J  EVANS CASE CO  Base for cigarette lighters or similar articles 
US_02622424_A1 US_02622424_A1 31/01/1950 23/12/1952 PAIGE BYRON L    Pipe and cigarette lighter 
US_02623375_A1 US_02623375_A1 06/12/1949 30/12/1952 HEINZ WIESSNER    Friction wheel type lighter 
US_02624188_A1 US_02624188_A1 06/04/1950 06/01/1953 ANGUS MCNEILL    Cigarette lighter 
US_02624187_A1 US_02624187_A1 20/07/1950 06/01/1953 MARIANI FRANK N    Table lighter 
US_02626518_A1 US_02626518_A1 30/04/1948 27/01/1953 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Lighter fuel feeding structure 
US_02626517_A1 US_02626517_A1 10/03/1951 27/01/1953 WARD LAWRENCE T    Cigarette lighter 
US_02630539_A1 US_02630539_A1 26/07/1951 03/03/1953 JOHN SINKO MILLER HENRY L  SINKO MFG & TOOL CO  Cigar lighter knob light 
US_02630517_A1 US_02630517_A1 29/05/1951 03/03/1953 HISCAR EDWARD S    Cigar lighter for use in automotive vehicles 
US_02629999_A1 US_02629999_A1 03/06/1950 03/03/1953 EGGLESTON RUSSELL S    Pipe lighting attachment for lighters 
US_02629998_A1 US_02629998_A1 25/01/1950 03/03/1953 LEON BOLLE  NATIONALE SA  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02629955_A1 US_02629955_A1 21/02/1950 03/03/1953 GEORGE LIPIC SYLVESTER    Pyrophoric lighter with auxiliary divided chamber 
US_02631446_A1 US_02631446_A1 09/08/1949 17/03/1953 SAMUEL MEYER    Cigarette lighter 
US_02633137_A1 US_02633137_A1 23/07/1948 31/03/1953 NARRAGON PAUL E    Pipe accessory 
US_02633725_A1 US_02633725_A1 11/01/1951 07/04/1953 ALFRED RACEK JOHANN RAGANITSCH    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02633724_A1 US_02633724_A1 25/10/1950 07/04/1953 ANDERSON ARTHUR P  WATERBURY LOCK & SPECIALTY COM  Control-mechanism for pyrophoric lighters of the gaseous fuel type 
US_02633723_A1 US_02633723_A1 05/10/1949 07/04/1953 PETERSON JOHN E  WATERBURY LOCK & SPECIALTY COM  Pocket lighter 
US_02635171_A1 US_02635171_A1 24/05/1951 14/04/1953 JONES BENJAMIN T    Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02637799_A1 US_02637799_A1 08/09/1950 05/05/1953 WOOD JAMES E  SANTAY CORP  Plug type lighter 
US_02637577_A1 US_02637577_A1 18/02/1948 05/05/1953 ROBERT WIESSNER  ARTHUR DUBSKY  Safety lock for lighter lids 
US_02638209_A1 US_02638209_A1 06/06/1950 12/05/1953 CAMPBELL ARCHIBALD C    Cigarette lighter and case 
US_02637990_A1 US_02637990_A1 04/01/1950 12/05/1953 ARONSON ALEXANDER H  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Gas fueled cigar lighter 
US_02637989_A1 US_02637989_A1   12/05/1953     OVEN LIGHTER 
US_02638763_A1 US_02638763_A1 24/04/1951 19/05/1953 WILLIAM D ALTON    Friction type lighter 
US_02639765_A1 US_02639765_A1   26/05/1953     LIGHTER VALVE UNIT 
US_02639598_A1 US_02639598_A1 26/03/1951 26/05/1953 MCCRACKEN JOHN L    Cigarette lighter case 
US_02639597_A1 US_02639597_A1 23/12/1949 26/05/1953 WAGNER WILLARD F  CHARLES W GLENN  Lighter 
US_02640340_A1 US_02640340_A1 13/11/1950 02/06/1953 HALLWORTH BATT THOMAS    Cigarette lighter 
US_02641118_A1 US_02641118_A1 18/07/1952 09/06/1953 LEON EDELSON    Lighter construction 
US_02642084_A1 US_02642084_A1 05/01/1949 16/06/1953 LYNCH WALTER T  LYNCH BROTHERS INC  Gas pilot lighter 
US_02641915_A1 US_02641915_A1 25/01/1950 16/06/1953 LEON BOLLE  NATIONALE SA  Lighter 
US_02643930_A1 US_02643930_A1 28/03/1950 30/06/1953 NISSLY WALTER S    Cigarette lighter 
US_02643535_A1 US_02643535_A1 28/12/1948 30/06/1953 STRUMBOS WILLIAM P    Cigarette lighter 
US_02644608_A1 US_02644608_A1 07/05/1951 07/07/1953 LEE HENRY Y    Spout cap for lighter fuel containers 
US_02645335_A1 US_02645335_A1 26/05/1950 14/07/1953 AVIS WALTER R  ZIPPO MFG COMPANY  Flint dispenser 
US_02647383_A1 US_02647383_A1 29/01/1953 04/08/1953 IRVING FLORMAN    Pyrophoric lighter for handicapped persons 
US_02648758_A1 US_02648758_A1 15/11/1949 11/08/1953 KROLL ALFRED J SCHNICK ARTHUR W  CUNO ENGINEERING CORP  Cigar lighter with luminous indicator 
US_02648376_A1 US_02648376_A1 06/03/1948 11/08/1953 SCHRADER LEO W  STANDARD OIL DEV CO  Flare stack lighter 
US_02649095_A1 US_02649095_A1 27/10/1947 18/08/1953 ANDREW STEVENSON    Combination lighter, cigarette holder, and ash tray 
US_02649850_A1 US_02649850_A1 11/02/1950 25/08/1953 SCHLENK CARL F CHEESEMAN EVANS W PATRICK RUSSELL L  PERFECTION STOVE COMPANY  Top burner assembly, including a flash tube lighter for cooking ... 
US_02652477_A1 US_02652477_A1 19/10/1949 15/09/1953 JOHNSON ARTHUR A  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02652107_A1 US_02652107_A1 16/08/1950 15/09/1953 HUGHES GEORGE E  SURFACE COMB CORP  Cross lighter and removable port-forming grid 
US_02651931_A1 US_02651931_A1 03/07/1950 15/09/1953 GAILMARD SR EUGENE P GAILMARD JR EUGENE P  GAILMARD SR  Cigarette lighter 
US_02651870_A1 US_02651870_A1 24/07/1951 15/09/1953 LIPIC SYLVESTER G MORROW HORRELL R  RITEPOINT CO  Ornamental device for pyrophoric lighters 
US_02652707_A1 US_02652707_A1 07/10/1950 22/09/1953 REILLY JR ALFRED F LARSEN JR ALBERT M  EVANS CASE CO  Mechanism for controlling emission of gas from lighters 
US_02652706_A1 US_02652706_A1 22/11/1950 22/09/1953 HUMPHREY SMYTH HERBERT CHARLES  ALFRED DUNHILL LTD  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02656492_A1 US_02656492_A1 31/05/1950 20/10/1953 HARRY FAULKNER    Automatic lighter 
US_02656067_A1 US_02656067_A1 05/05/1950 20/10/1953 MITCHELL GARLAND W    Cigarette lighter filling plug 
US_02657340_A1 US_02657340_A1 10/03/1951 27/10/1953 RINK HAROLD L FARRAN SPENCE REGINALD    Electric lighter 
US_02657297_A1 US_02657297_A1 19/10/1949 27/10/1953 JOHNSON ARTHUR A  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02657563_A1 US_02657563_A1 15/06/1950 03/11/1953 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Detachable valve closure 
US_02657562_A1 US_02657562_A1 28/10/1949 03/11/1953 SELIK BACHRACH    Mechanical lighter 
US_02658369_A1 US_02658369_A1 26/05/1950 10/11/1953 MAXIMILIAN KOHN  BRUDER EISERT AG  Friction wheel lighter 
US_02658368_A1 US_02658368_A1 11/01/1950 10/11/1953 SIEGEL MORRIS B  BRYN MAWR SMOKERS NOVELTY CO  Cigarette lighter 
US_02660355_A1 US_02660355_A1 06/01/1953 24/11/1953 ALLEN CHESTER S    Method of applying sealing spouts for lighter fluid cans 
US_02660042_A1 US_02660042_A1 02/08/1950 24/11/1953 WAGNER WILLARD F  CHARLES W GLENN  Lighter 
US_02661617_A1 US_02661617_A1 21/06/1949 08/12/1953 TREISS JR HERMAN GEORGE  AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORP  Cigarette lighter 
US_02661616_A1 US_02661616_A1   08/12/1953     GAS IGNITER 
US_02662590_A1 US_02662590_A1 29/06/1948 15/12/1953 OTTO REICH  JULIUS VIGNATI  Gas burner and flow restrictor 
US_02663606_A1 US_02663606_A1 06/06/1950 22/12/1953 CRONAN CLIFFORD B    Magazine cigarette lighter for automobiles 
US_02664008_A1 US_02664008_A1 14/08/1950 29/12/1953 GESSMANN EDMUND G  BATLIN & SON INC L  Lighter 
US_02664007_A1 US_02664007_A1 26/09/1949 29/12/1953 PETERSON ROBERT E  REPETER PRODUCTS INC  Lighter 
US_02664728_A1 US_02664728_A1 21/04/1953 05/01/1954 HARRY SCHWEITZER    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02665803_A1 US_02665803_A1 03/10/1951 12/01/1954 JAAP WILLARD E    Combined cap and ash receiver for lighters 
US_02665573_A1 US_02665573_A1 06/11/1950 12/01/1954 SPITALNY MILTON M    Lighter using gaseous fuel 
US_02665572_A1 US_02665572_A1 06/11/1950 12/01/1954 SPITALNY MILTON M    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02666547_A1 US_02666547_A1 11/01/1951 19/01/1954 ALFRED RACEK JOHANN RAGANITSCH    Casing, in particular lighter casing 
US_02666522_A1 US_02666522_A1 03/11/1950 19/01/1954 HERMAN JR JAMES H    Combined cigarette lighter and ash tray 
US_02667562_A1 US_02667562_A1 10/01/1950 26/01/1954 ASHTON PHILIP E  CUNO ENGINEERING CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02667986_A1 US_02667986_A1 22/12/1951 02/02/1954 PERELSON HAROLD N    Self-sealing dispensing device 
US_02667895_A1 US_02667895_A1 17/11/1950 02/02/1954 POOL STUART D KARLSSON ELOF K  INT HARVESTER CO  Magnetically biased check valve 
US_02669108_A1 US_02669108_A1 11/12/1951 16/02/1954 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE CO  Wick for lighters 
US_02671329_A1 US_02671329_A1 29/11/1950 09/03/1954 HERMANN ZAHN    Mechanical pocket lighter 
US_02671328_A1 US_02671328_A1 11/08/1949 09/03/1954 FLAMM ALEXANDER L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter 
US_02672547_A1 US_02672547_A1 27/11/1950 16/03/1954 SCHROEDER FRANK J    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02672038_A1 US_02672038_A1 26/03/1952 16/03/1954 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Gas lighter valve 
US_02672037_A1 US_02672037_A1 26/09/1949 16/03/1954 PETERSON ROBERT E  REPETER PRODUCTS INC  Lighter 
US_02674032_A1 US_02674032_A1 17/07/1950 06/04/1954 MARTIN RICHARD H KELLEY CARROLL L  BROWN & BIGELOW  Method of making valves for liquefied petroleum gas lighters 
US_02675205_A1 US_02675205_A1 17/08/1951 13/04/1954 AIME FORTIN CHARLES  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Valve for compressed gas smokers' lighters 
US_02676237_A1 US_02676237_A1 28/11/1951 20/04/1954 TOOKER JR ALBERT R    Automatic electric lighter for cigarettes 
US_02675689_A1 US_02675689_A1   20/04/1954     JET LIGHTER 
US_02676698_A1 US_02676698_A1 29/08/1950 27/04/1954 MARTIN PAULY LUDWIG    Pistol shaped case for cigarettes and lighter 
US_02676475_A1 US_02676475_A1 12/10/1951 27/04/1954 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Cigar lighter structure 
US_02677948_A1 US_02677948_A1 13/06/1951 11/05/1954 GEHRIE CHARLES S    Gas fueled pyrophoric pocket lighter 
US_02678553_A1 US_02678553_A1 26/08/1952 18/05/1954 BRYANT WILLIAM K    Reserve flint and fuel container for pocket lighters 
US_02679150_A1 US_02679150_A1   25/05/1954     GAS IGNITER 
US_02679140_A1 US_02679140_A1 22/04/1952 25/05/1954 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON ART METAL WORKS INC  Fuel storing and charging cartridge 
US_02679740_A1 US_02679740_A1 04/09/1951 01/06/1954 SELETZKY CONSTANTIN C    Stand for pocket lighters 
US_02680963_A1 US_02680963_A1 11/08/1950 15/06/1954 CHURCHILL RALPH H    Candle burner 
US_02680962_A1 US_02680962_A1 12/10/1949 15/06/1954 LIPIC SYLVESTER G BOYLE FARNHAM F LYON LUTHER S  RITEPOINT INC  Cigarette lighter 
US_02681554_A1 US_02681554_A1 26/09/1949 22/06/1954 PETERSON ROBERT E  REPETER PRODUCTS INC  Lighter 
US_02682165_A1 US_02682165_A1 11/03/1952 29/06/1954 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON CORP  Lighter actuating mechanism 
US_02682921_A1 US_02682921_A1 12/07/1952 06/07/1954 MUELLER ERVIN H    Flash tube lighter structure for gas burners 
US_02682920_A1 US_02682920_A1 02/07/1952 06/07/1954 MUELLER ERVIN H    Flash tube structure for gas lighters 
US_02684182_A1 US_02684182_A1 29/03/1952 20/07/1954 GEY WILLIAM H  PAULINE H STRAUSS  Cigarette lighter fuel filler 
US_02688240_A1 US_02688240_A1 09/08/1950 07/09/1954 TREISS JR HERMAN GEORGE  AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORP  Lighter 
US_02689000_A1 US_02689000_A1 06/06/1951 14/09/1954 GEORGE MUSAT DUERINGER WALTER E  BABCOCK & WILCOX CO BAILEY METER CO  Furnace lighter with cam interlocked air operated controls 
US_02689902_A1 US_02689902_A1 01/07/1952 21/09/1954 BURTMAN LEONARD M  TELECONTROLS INTERNATIONAL INC  Electric lighter 
US_02690498_A1 US_02690498_A1 13/12/1951 28/09/1954 PETER SCHLUMBOHM    Cigarette lighter 
US_02690067_A1 US_02690067_A1 16/06/1950 28/09/1954 ARONSON ALEXANDER H  RONSON CORP  Gas lighter mechanism 
US_02690662_A1 US_02690662_A1 24/09/1951 05/10/1954 SILVERBERG ALBERT I    Cigar lighter 
US_02691287_A1 US_02691287_A1 26/10/1949 12/10/1954 ALFRED MOSCH    Pyrophoric lighter and utility compact 
US_02691957_A1 US_02691957_A1 04/04/1952 19/10/1954 BENJAMIN HERR    Cigarette moistening means for cigarette lighters 
US_02691882_A1 US_02691882_A1 15/10/1951 19/10/1954 ADOLPH MELLER ELLIOT    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02692938_A1 US_02692938_A1 01/12/1950 26/10/1954 CONE JOSEPH H  CASCO PRODUCTS CORP  Illuminated cigar lighter 
US_02692642_A1 US_02692642_A1 16/11/1950 26/10/1954 LEACH LESTER L  BABCOCK & WILCOX CO  Pressure air positioned furnace lighter with automatic pressure ... 
US_02692493_A1 US_02692493_A1 21/12/1951 26/10/1954 HEPBURN WILLIAM G  DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY  Lighter 
US_02692492_A1 US_02692492_A1 03/12/1951 26/10/1954 HEPBURN WILLIAM G  DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY  Lighter 
US_02692491_A1 US_02692491_A1 28/11/1951 26/10/1954 GEORGE HEPBURN WILLIAM  DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY  Lighter 
US_02692490_A1 US_02692490_A1 30/10/1951 26/10/1954 IRVING FLORMAN    Lighter 
US_02693276_A1 US_02693276_A1 07/08/1952 02/11/1954 WILLIAM SOULE CHARLES    Match lighter 
US_02693688_A1 US_02693688_A1 23/11/1951 09/11/1954 ERNEST BOCCHINO    Wrist cigarette lighter 
US_02695508_A1 US_02695508_A1 26/03/1951 30/11/1954 GRUBER FRANCIS E  BROWN & BIGELOW  Pocket gas lighter 
US_02696875_A1 US_02696875_A1 18/11/1948 14/12/1954 HENWOOD JAMES B  SELAS CORP OF AMERICA  Stack lighter 
US_02697339_A1 US_02697339_A1 19/12/1950 21/12/1954 OTTO REICH  JULIUS VIGNATI ERICH WIEDEN  Gaslighter 
US_02697297_A1 US_02697297_A1 11/01/1952 21/12/1954 ALBERT NEWBERG    Toy combination cigarette case and lighter 
US_02698534_A1 US_02698534_A1 07/04/1950 04/01/1955 KUHNL LEOPOLD K    Smoker's lighter 
US_02699486_A1 US_02699486_A1 08/08/1952 11/01/1955 KURKJIAN YERVANT H  KURK PRODUCTS CO  Central heat directing guide for cigarette lighters 
US_02701297_A1 US_02701297_A1 27/12/1950 01/02/1955 THIBAULT JOSEPH O  CASCO PRODUCTS CORP  Illuminated electric cigar lighter 
US_02700882_A1 US_02700882_A1 29/07/1950 01/02/1955 PETERSON JOHN E  WATERBURY LOCK & SPECIALTY COM  Snuffer for pyrophoric lighters 
US_02701836_A1 US_02701836_A1 20/08/1952 08/02/1955 STANFORD PAVENICK    Automobile cigarette lighter 
US_02701673_A1 US_02701673_A1 22/12/1952 08/02/1955 LYNN DAVIS GEORGE    Method and means for filling cigarette lighters 
US_02701459_A1 US_02701459_A1 08/08/1949 08/02/1955 THOMPSON WILLIAMS EDWARD    Lighter 
US_02701955_A1 US_02701955_A1 19/11/1953 15/02/1955 JEROME GEVIRMAN    Pocket cigarette lighter 
US_02702999_A1 US_02702999_A1 22/07/1950 01/03/1955 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE CO  Gas fuel cigarette lighter 
US_02703483_A1 US_02703483_A1 11/12/1950 08/03/1955 LIPIC SYLVESTER G  RITEPOINT INC  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02704318_A1 US_02704318_A1 26/10/1949 15/03/1955 JORGENSEN CLARENCE H DERMOND LAWRENCE C  GEN MOTORS CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02704447_A1 US_02704447_A1 01/05/1953 22/03/1955 LESTER FLICKINGER LEWIS PIEROTTI WILLIAM  ZIPPO MFG COMPANY  Flameguard for flint-wheel 
US_02704446_A1 US_02704446_A1 20/01/1951 22/03/1955 AUGUST COENDERS    Lighter provided with a flint and a friction wheel 
US_02708842_A1 US_02708842_A1 12/06/1952 24/05/1955 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON CORP  Gas burning cigarette lighters 
US_02710709_A1 US_02710709_A1   14/06/1955     FLINT PACKAGE AND DISPLAY DEVICE 5 
US_02710623_A1 US_02710623_A1 17/01/1952 14/06/1955 LAJOS KOLOS  LICENCIA TALALMANYOKAT  Pneumatic valve for inflatable members 
US_02710533_A1 US_02710533_A1 17/07/1950 14/06/1955 FISCHER HOWARD L WICKS JACK W  BROWN & BIGELOW  Lighter with replaceable fuel cartridge 
US_02710532_A1 US_02710532_A1 07/06/1952 14/06/1955 REILLY ALFRED F  EVANS CASE CO  Ceramic body cigarette lighter 
US_02710506_A1 US_02710506_A1 12/03/1953 14/06/1955 CONRAD ZELLWEGER  NATIONALE SA  Valves for filling pyrophoric lighters for liquified gas 
US_02711645_A1 US_02711645_A1 08/01/1952 28/06/1955 BURCHETT RAY L NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON CORP  Cigar lighter testing and fuel charging apparatus 
US_02711639_A1 US_02711639_A1 06/04/1951 28/06/1955 WAGNER WILLARD F  CHARLES W GLENN  Lighter 
US_02712322_A1 US_02712322_A1 11/02/1953 05/07/1955 AIME FORTIN CHARLES  PRESTO LIGHTERS LTD  Filling valve for lighters using compressed fuel 
US_02713255_A1 US_02713255_A1 24/01/1951 19/07/1955 EMIL HUBEL  ARTHUR DUBSKY  Cigar lighter 
US_02714301_A1 US_02714301_A1 04/11/1950 02/08/1955 BEATTIE ROBERT W  BEATTIE JET PRODUCTS INC  Flint mounting for lighters 
US_02714300_A1 US_02714300_A1 04/01/1949 02/08/1955 ANGUS MCNEILL  PARKER PEN CO  Cigarette lighter 
US_02714805_A1 US_02714805_A1 03/03/1954 09/08/1955 JACQUES ZELLWEGER CONRAD JEAN  NATIONALE SA  Pyrophoric liquefied gas lighters 
US_02715329_A1 US_02715329_A1 09/04/1952 16/08/1955 BURCHETT RAY L  RONSON CORP  Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02715940_A1 US_02715940_A1 17/06/1946 23/08/1955 HOLLMAN PETER I  ROPER CORP GEO D  Oven lighting system 
US_02717304_A1 US_02717304_A1 14/08/1952 06/09/1955 ARNS HOAGLAND    Cigarette lighter 
US_02716880_A1 US_02716880_A1 30/03/1954 06/09/1955 HARRY FAULKNER    Pyrophoric lighters 
US_02716879_A1 US_02716879_A1   06/09/1955     FLAT FILE GAS LIGHTER 
US_02717720_A1 US_02717720_A1 20/06/1952 13/09/1955 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON CORP  Injection valve with piercing pin for use with disposable cartridges 
US_02718133_A1 US_02718133_A1 23/02/1955 20/09/1955 LEIF OXAAL CHOUMENKOVITCH MILORAD I  INTERCRAFT CORP  Catalytic lighter 
US_02718770_A1 US_02718770_A1 30/04/1951 27/09/1955 LEONARD HUTCHINSON WILLIAM BINKS FREDERICK    Lighters 
US_02719526_A1 US_02719526_A1 26/12/1951 04/10/1955 BACHMAN SKULI M    Tobacco tamping device and lighter combination 
US_02719421_A1 US_02719421_A1 11/03/1952 04/10/1955 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON CORP  Lighter actuating mechanism 
US_02720257_A1 US_02720257_A1 16/04/1952 11/10/1955 KITCHENER LYNES ROBERTS    Gas burning torches 
US_02720098_A1 US_02720098_A1 01/10/1953 11/10/1955 WAGNER WILLARD F  CHARLES W GLENN  Lighter mechanisms 
US_02721010_A1 US_02721010_A1 20/09/1954 18/10/1955 PHILIP MESHBERG    Aerosol containers and valves therefor 
US_02720769_A1 US_02720769_A1 26/02/1954 18/10/1955 POLK EMIL S    Pyrophoric striker construction 
US_02720768_A1 US_02720768_A1 26/02/1954 18/10/1955 SHEA FRANK A    Smoker's lighter 
US_02723337_A1 US_02723337_A1 17/06/1954 08/11/1955 FREDERICK KEMPLER  LEVY AUTO PARTS CO LTD  Cigarette lighter 
US_02722816_A1 US_02722816_A1   08/11/1955     GAS OVEN LIGHTER 
US_02723746_A1 US_02723746_A1 13/06/1952 15/11/1955 STEVENSON ALBERT E EICHLER HERSCHEL D  EICHLER  Combined cigarette case and lighter 
US_02723548_A1 US_02723548_A1 11/09/1953 15/11/1955 RENKENBERGER DONALD K    Desk or table type pyrophoric lighter 
US_02723547_A1 US_02723547_A1 03/09/1953 15/11/1955 BELLAVANCE HAROLD P  UNITED FINDINGS CO INC  Pocket lighter 
US_02724253_A1 US_02724253_A1 10/02/1954 22/11/1955 MORGAN THOMAS H    Butane cigarette lighter 
US_02725737_A1 US_02725737_A1 12/03/1954 06/12/1955 TURNER MANUEL L    Lighter flint projecting mechanism 
US_02725721_A1 US_02725721_A1 09/03/1953 06/12/1955 GRUBER FRANCIS E  BROWN & BIGELOW  Transfer valve unit for gas cigarette lighters 
US_02727977_A1 US_02727977_A1 06/11/1953 20/12/1955 FENN LAWRENCE E    Cigar lighter 
US_02727976_A1 US_02727976_A1 15/01/1953 20/12/1955 CONE JOSEPH H  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Cigar lighters 
US_02727376_A1 US_02727376_A1 06/02/1950 20/12/1955 WILLIAM FELT PAUL  BROWN & BIGELOW  Pressurized pyrophoric gas lighter 
US_02727375_A1 US_02727375_A1   20/12/1955     ROUND FILE HOODED GAS LIGHTER 5 
US_02728844_A1 US_02728844_A1 25/02/1954 27/12/1955 TERNEY EWALD W    Hand-grip energized electric cigarette lighter 
US_02728509_A1 US_02728509_A1 27/06/1952 27/12/1955 PETERSON ROBERT E    Portable lighter and refilling apparatus therefor 
US_02728483_A1 US_02728483_A1 24/10/1952 27/12/1955 SMOLEN BENJAMIN E    Closure screw for cigarette lighters 
US_02728213_A1 US_02728213_A1 25/10/1951 27/12/1955 MARCEL QUERCIA GEORGES FERDINAND  RECH S TECH S E R T S A R L SO  Gas fueled smoker's lighter 
US_02728212_A1 US_02728212_A1 08/12/1953 27/12/1955 COSTELLO JOSEPH M    Safety boiler lighter 
US_02728211_A1 US_02728211_A1 08/03/1954 27/12/1955 MIHAN ERIC P    Cigarette lighter 
US_02729736_A1 US_02729736_A1 04/08/1954 03/01/1956 BRITO PEREZ JOSE    Portable electric cigarette lighter 
US_02729086_A1 US_02729086_A1 16/09/1953 03/01/1956 SAMUEL MICKELBERG    Lighter 
US_02729085_A1 US_02729085_A1 19/11/1952 03/01/1956 NORMAN KENNETH M VAN    Lighters 
US_02730605_A1 US_02730605_A1 25/02/1952 10/01/1956 JOHNSON ARTHUR A  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Electric cigar lighter 
US_02729959_A1 US_02729959_A1 12/06/1953 10/01/1956 LADNER FRANKLIN N    Turret type cigarette lighter 
US_02731540_A1 US_02731540_A1 11/12/1952 17/01/1956 GUERNSEY GLEN A GREEN ARTHUR H  WICO ELECTRIC COMPANY  Electric cigarette lighter 
US_02733331_A1 US_02733331_A1   31/01/1956     RADIANT ENERGY CIGARETTE LIGHTER 
US_02732699_A1 US_02732699_A1   31/01/1956     CIGARETTE LIGHTER AND VALVE 
US_02732698_A1 US_02732698_A1   31/01/1956     PORTABLE LIGHTERS 
US_02732697_A1 US_02732697_A1   31/01/1956     SMOKERS LIGHTER 
US_02733585_A1 US_02733585_A1   07/02/1956     CIGAR LIGHTER ACTUATING MECHANISM 5 
US_02734987_A1 US_02734987_A1   14/02/1956     ELECTRIC CIGAR LIGHTER 
US_02734364_A1 US_02734364_A1   14/02/1956     PORTABLE LIGHTERS 
US_02735293_A1 US_02735293_A1   21/02/1956     FLUID CONTENT GAUGE FOR LIGHTER 
US_02735284_A1 US_02735284_A1   21/02/1956     GAS LIGHTING IMPLEMENT 5 
US_02736181_A1 US_02736181_A1   28/02/1956     CIGARETTE AND CIGAR LIGHTER 
US_02737233_A1 US_02737233_A1 24/01/1951 06/03/1956 MUELLER ERVIN H    Runner lighter for gas burners 
US_02737037_A1 US_02737037_A1 03/03/1954 06/03/1956 JACQUES ZELLWEGER CONRAD JEAN  NATIONALE SA  Pyrophoric gas lighters 
US_02737036_A1 US_02737036_A1 08/10/1954 06/03/1956 CARL SIMPSON    Combined suspension means and wind guard for pocket lighters 
US_02737796_A1 US_02737796_A1 22/09/1952 13/03/1956 ALFRED MOSCH    Pyrophoric lighter 
US_02737795_A1 US_02737795_A1 28/07/1952 13/03/1956 GRUBER FRANCIS E  BROWN & BIGELOW  Pyrophoric gas lighters 
US_02739217_A1 US_02739217_A1 17/04/1953 20/03/1956 HOPPER HAROLD M    Cigarette lighter attachment 
US_02740280_A1 US_02740280_A1 12/03/1954 03/04/1956 CYRUS MERLE B    Cigarette lighter filler valve 
US_02741109_A1 US_02741109_A1 13/07/1953 10/04/1956 AURELIEN DUPUIS PIERRE    Cigarette lighter 
US_02741903_A1 US_02741903_A1 10/12/1954 17/04/1956 SIGEL CARL J    Lighter 
US_02743597_A1 US_02743597_A1 31/08/1953 01/05/1956 HERBERT NEWMAN STANLEY    Compressed gas-fuelled cigarette lighters 
US_02744809_A1 US_02744809_A1 09/12/1952 08/05/1956 FALLIGANT LOUIS A  PREPO CORP  Fuel systems for light portable gas combustion burners 
US_02744401_A1 US_02744401_A1 30/10/1953 08/05/1956 ALEXANDER SALZER    Cigarette lighter and flint supply indicator therefor 
US_02746277_A1 US_02746277_A1 08/09/1953 22/05/1956 FRED PERLIN  PARKER PEN CO  Lighters 
US_02748246_A1 US_02748246_A1 26/10/1954 29/05/1956 JACKSON LEWIS AGNES    Cigarette lighter 
US_02747394_A1 US_02747394_A1 17/06/1954 29/05/1956 NISSEN WARREN I  RONSON CORP  Gas lighter fuel regulating mechanism 
US_02750774_A1 US_02750774_A1 09/02/1954 19/06/1956 FRED PERLIN  PARKER PEN CO  Lighters 
US_02751772_A1 US_02751772_A1 06/01/1955 26/06/1956 ALEXANDER SALZER    Cigarette lighter 
US_02751633_A1 US_02751633_A1 10/09/1949 26/06/1956 CLARK JAMES D A  DICK CO AB  Method and apparatus for removing dense from lighter material 
US_02752704_A1 US_02752704_A1 09/06/1953 03/07/1956 KAULL FRANK W    Advertising display cigarette lighter 
US_02753705_A1 US_02753705_A1 01/07/1955 10/07/1956 QUARTIER HARRY C    Self-wetting wick composition 
US_02756776_A1 US_02756776_A1   31/07/1956     SAFETY SHUT-OFF COCK FOR BURNERS WITH PILOT LIGHTER 
US_02758641_A1 US_02758641_A1 01/02/1950 14/08/1956 WOOD ARTHUR R    Lighters for gas burners 
US_02759345_A1 US_02759345_A1 06/05/1953 21/08/1956 PETERSON ROBERT E    Portable lighters 
US_02760364_A1 US_02760364_A1 24/02/1953 28/08/1956 EDOUARD D ALTON ANDRE GASTON WILLIAM D ALTON EDOUARD ALFRED    Pyrophoric smoker's lighter 
US_02761456_A1 US_02761456_A1 14/09/1951 04/09/1956 PIRRONE ANTHONY L M    Cigarette holder, protecting shield and automatic lighter 
US_02763129_A1 US_02763129_A1 01/06/1955 18/09/1956 MAXIMILIAN KOHN JOSEF WESELY  BRUDER EISERT AG  Lighter for liquid or gaseous fuel 
US_02764008_A1 US_02764008_A1 26/03/1951 25/09/1956 GRUBER FRANCIS E  BROWN & BIGELOW  Gas lighter control unit 
US_02764883_A1 US_02764883_A1 15/04/1954 02/10/1956 EDWARD FRANKEL    Automatic cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02768641_A1 US_02768641_A1 14/07/1954 30/10/1956 RYCROFT ALAN K    Filler plug for cigarette lighters 
US_02769326_A1 US_02769326_A1 22/06/1953 06/11/1956 FRED PERLIN  PARKER PEN CO  Smokers' lighters 
US_02769325_A1 US_02769325_A1 20/07/1955 06/11/1956 CLIFFORD STORCH  ASTORLOID MFG COMPANY INC  Fueling device for lighters 
US_02770960_A1 US_02770960_A1 19/09/1955 20/11/1956 RENWICK SR FREDERICK W    Flint and steel assembly for cigarette lighter 
US_02771762_A1 US_02771762_A1 29/10/1954 27/11/1956 BECKWITH JOHN O    Cigarette lighter 
US_02771761_A1 US_02771761_A1 19/06/1956 27/11/1956 IRVING FLORMAN    Lighter structure with compressible, resilient housing 
US_02773164_A1 US_02773164_A1 11/06/1954 04/12/1956 BUSBIN LAWRENCE W    Cigar and cigarette lighter 
US_02774235_A1 US_02774235_A1 19/12/1955 18/12/1956 THEODOR RUETZ    Burner for cigarette-lighters and cigarette-lighters provided therewith 
US_02774234_A1 US_02774234_A1 12/01/1954 18/12/1956 BLAISDELL GEORGE G LESTER FLICKINGER  ZIPPO MFG COMPANY  Table lighter 
US_02777569_A1 US_02777569_A1 24/04/1953 15/01/1957 STARKE JR WILLIE L    Combination cigarette case, lighter and ash receiver 
US_02778915_A1 US_02778915_A1 21/08/1953 22/01/1957 JORGENSEN CLARENCE H  GEN MOTORS CORP  Cigar lighter 
US_02779501_A1 US_02779501_A1 13/07/1953 29/01/1957 ALFREY JAMES A  ALLEN ALFREY  Cigarette lighter 
US_02779400_A1 US_02779400_A1 23/01/1946 29/01/1957 HOLLMAN PETER I  ROPER CORP GEO D  Automatic lighting and control means 
US_02779180_A1 US_02779180_A1 30/04/1954 29/01/1957 FRED PERLIN  PARKER PEN CO  Lighters 
US_02779179_A1 US_02779179_A1 02/12/1952 29/01/1957 DRAKE SMITH BLANCHARD  SCRIPTO INC  Lighter 
US_02780085_A1 US_02780085_A1 27/01/1953 05/02/1957 FRED PERLIN  PARKER PEN CO  Lighters 
US_02781086_A1 US_02781086_A1 25/08/1954 12/02/1957 BREESE JAMES L  BREESE BURNERS INC  Lighter torch assembly for a heater of the vapor generating type 
US_02781653_A1 US_02781653_A1   19/02/1957     FURNACE LIGHTER 
US_02781652_A1 US_02781652_A1 08/03/1955 19/02/1957 HERBERT MAYER    Table lighter 
US_02782910_A1 US_02782910_A1 27/10/1955 26/02/1957 SAUL LEIBOW    Combination cigarette dispenser, support, and lighter 
US_02784290_A1 US_02784290_A1 16/08/1951 05/03/1957 ASHTON PHILIP E  CUNO ENGINEERING CORP  Electric cigar lighter 
US_02784778_A1 US_02784778_A1 11/12/1953 12/03/1957 JAMES MILTON    Torch tip 
US_02786743_A1 US_02786743_A1 29/03/1954 26/03/1957 ALEXANDER SALZER    Cigarette lighter 
US_02790061_A1 US_02790061_A1 21/09/1954 23/04/1957 JOSEPH YOUHOUSE  AUTOMATIC DEVICES CORP  Electric cigar lighter 
US_02789424_A1 US_02789424_A1 22/07/1954 23/04/1957 ANGELO LORIO    Cigarette lighter 
US_02790317_A1 US_02790317_A1   30/04/1957     DISPOSABLE FUEL CONTAINER FOR LIGHTERS